A view from the new guy.

I am Newable's first recruit. The new Group Marketing and Communications Director. Employee number one. And like all marketing types, I'm sorely tempted to claim this terrific new brand as all my own work.

However, it isn’t mine, or indeed any other person’s work. In fact, it is the product of the journey that the whole organisation embarked upon. A journey from being something of a silent partner to being dynamic business advocates. A journey from being rather cautious in outlook to one positive and confident about future possibilities.

Clients are a company’s best sales force.

One thing that has really struck me about my new Newable colleagues is how self-effacing they all are. This is both refreshing and rare in my experience. And this is in marked contrast to clients who are positively gushing. What Newable’s clients actually experience as game changing or even life changing, Newable people take in their stride as all in a day’s work. Whether this is helping people start up a new craft café, helping a company to secure a contract to design four department stores in China, or providing a workspace that a business can call ‘home’. These and other everyday tales are captured on a series of videos on Newable’s new website. And very compelling they are too.

A clear proposition.

Newable’s lines of business are very diverse. How Newable delivers its services is extremely flexible: on its own, in partnership with, and on behalf of. However, there is a consistent theme, a clear proposition. Newable is all about building business confidence. Empowering clients to take the next step and start or scale up their companies.

Truth on our side.

I’ve been around the block enough to have seen (OK on occasion been privy to) what are euphemistically called “aspirational propositions”. That is, propositions that are attractive to and needed by the market and that companies would love to deliver. However, it all falls down when reality kicks in and when companies fall short. From what I’ve seen and heard, Newable has one overarching advantage: it has truth on its side. It really delivers. It builds business confidence.

So I feel really lucky and privileged to be Newable’s new and first employee. Oh and I hope you like my new brand.