American Culture Decoded – The Nuances of Successful US Business Relationships

Welcome to the America Made Easy Podcast, the show where we help international SMEs tackle the complexity of setting up and growing their business in the American market.

America Made Easy Podcast - Allyson Stewart-Allen

Season 1: Building a Roadmap for Success in the American Market

Host Morgan Pierstorff, Business Development Director for Newable Avitus’ America Made Easy programme, will be exploring the operational elements of scaling your business in the American market speaking with experts from across the Newable Avitus network and beyond about best practices for international firms.

American Culture Decoded – The Nuances of Successful US Business Relationships


The pervasiveness of American culture globally leads many enterprising businesses to think they have a good grasp of what makes the US tick.  However, American business culture isn’t quite as seen on TV nor is it easy to grasp from a holiday across the states.

International firms would be wise to approach the US as they would entering into any other new market considering what cultural differences might dictate changes in strategy or even their business model. Americans consume, travel and engage differently. Product and service localisation is just as important for UK firms in the US as it is in China.

In episode 1 of the America Made Easy Podcast, we break down the complexity of how Americans conduct business and what that means for foreign investors with cross cultural communications expert Allyson Stewart-Allen, Founder & CEO of International Marketing Partners who has advised hundreds of international firms on the cultural considerations that must drive new market expansion.

Firms that fail to tailor their approach to these cultural nuances will fail in the market and there is certainly no shortage of firms, both large and small, that have. To avoid common pitfalls and ultimately save valuable time and money, this week’s episode will highlight what aspects of US business culture are often at odds with the UK and how SMEs can overcome these challenges to ensure a successful expansion in the short and long term.


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Resources Mentioned in the Podcast

Working with Americans: How to Build Profitable Business Relationships

By: Allyson Stewart-Allen and Lanie Denslow

-Download 2 free chapters here

-Our listeners can order the book and claim a 20% discount with the code “WWA20” at here. Note the code expires on 31 December 2020.

Value Bombs from the Podcast

  1. Culture east strategy for breakfast. Culture is all about values. Americans are explicit communicators and value the individual over the group. Do you know what American consumers care about and have you aligned your value proposition to that?
  2. It is quicker and cheaper to adapt to the market. You can’t teach Americans to like your product as is unless you have a blank check and time is not important to you. Hit the ground running by doing your homework and localising your product or service.
  3. If there is a national religion in the US, it’s Darwinism—if you are a strong, evolving, innovating company you will survive, but otherwise you won’t.
  4. It’s better to be first than best—get on with it. Build revenue and your brand name by testing, learning and establishing yourself in the market.


Support for America Made Easy comes from Newable Avitus the Transatlantic Joint Venture supporting ambitious SMEs with setting up in the United States. We help make entrepreneurs lives easier by providing an operational solution for their US expansion strategies so that they can focus on driving revenue and doing what they got into business to do in the first place.

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