Boldly Go

Despite Brexit uncertainty, many growing business are still seizing opportunities overseas.

Newable’s purpose is to help people start, scale and sustain their companies. A key business strategy that enables these goals is exporting. Exporting, by defintion, provides companies with access to larger markets for their products and services. At the same time, research proves that businesses that export become far more sustainable and resiliant. Not least as a downturn in one market is often counterbalanced by upturns in others.

Newable is one of pre-eminent sources of export advice for businesses in the country. One of the Department for International Trade’s leading Delivery Partners since 2005, Newable recently launched an international trade consulting service, the Export Engine.

Chris Manson, Newable’s CEO was interviewed by the CBI for a feature in their influencial journal, Business Voice.

Chris is quoted as saying “Although many larger firms are looking at the long term and may be worried about where to locate their factories, he says that small and medium-sized businesses are particularly well suited to seizing short-term opportunities over the next 3- to 12 months. The advice we are giving – and what our companies are seeing – is the opportunities will increase over the next couple of years, provided the UK economy remains flexible, adaptable and nimble.”

He went on to add that a strategic approach to exporting is vital, making strong connections to and from the Industrial Strategy. Chris used the space sector as a case in point.

“Newable is also a founding investor in the Seraphim Space Fund, which launched 18 months ago to support growing SMEs that are using satellite data to deliver new products and services – from tracking shipping to making predictions for the insurance industry. It is backed by the government, through the British Business Bank. “It’s an interesting example of something that requires government support, which then creates an ecosystem that attracts the best companies here,”

Thousands of companies are applying for funding, developing “a pocket of excellence” for European space technology in the UK, which he believes could be replicated for other new areas, such as artificial intelligence.

“These companies are born global – so a government policy that is designed to encourage investment also helps to improve exports,” he added.

Newable is partnering with the CBI to run an exporting breakout session as part of the CBI’s MSB Insight Conference taking place on 26th June.