Building business confidence through mentoring

Newable is one the UK's leading providers of Responsible Finance. Our aim is to provide loans to businesses who may have struggled to access finance from High Street banks.

All of our loans include business mentoring support.

Business mentors

Mentoring is a key aspect and benefit of Newable’s loan packages. Business mentors are essentially another pair of eyes and ears for entrepreneurs. They can act as a sounding board, identifying pitfalls, highlighting opportunities and generating ideas, to help get businesses going and keep it moving forward.

Carolene Thompson, a Newable Business Mentor explains, “The key to business success lies with the motivation, talent skills, experience and determination of an entrepreneur, and quite often, the support available to them. We realise and understand that when you are at the helm of running a business, making decisions supporting staff and customers alike, it can at times be quite lonely and isolating. In times of uncertainty, development or growth, you cannot ask the boss! As mentors here at Newable, we listen to the business ambitions our mentees have, their goals, objectives and any challenges they may be experiencing. We work proactively to assist in finding the right solutions to help and above all provide our expertise and offer a helping hand in taking businesses to the next level”.

Building business confidence

Erica and Ruby of the Busy Brush Café worked with a Newable mentor. Here is their perspective: “It’s a very informal process and I think that just goes to show how personable it has been and how personal they are and how supportive they are, otherwise we wouldn’t feel that. They always give us more time than what we are supposed to have, without fail, which is really lovely. They talk about business facts as well as ideas and strategies. They also talk about us as people, which is lovely. The main thing is the level of motivation that they give us each time we talk to them, and actually, it is the thing that drives us in our business, we feel inspired to do the best that we can possibly do”.

Building business confidence is Newable’s key mantra. Business mentoring is one of the key ways by which it is created. Clients have access to a web portal, which is a source of information and guidance in the form of factsheets, links to other useful websites and latest news features. Diplomas, business management, digital marketing and various other free training opportunities are also provided. Communication is key, so there is a live chat function where clients have the chance to ask questions both in private and on a forum. Networking opportunities and access to specialist services are also exclusively offered to our mentoring clients.

Newable’s offer is designed not only to provide the loan finance but also to ensure that clients make that loan work as hard as possible for the business.