Business Support and Advice for SMEs during Covid-19

This is a difficult time for businesses particularly SMEs and we are ever aware of our customers’ needs to maintain some sort of business continuity.

Business support

At Newable we know that no one can do everything on their own. Many need external support to get access to finance or develop their business further. Newable has been providing business support and advice for over 30 years now and is proud to be continuing to do so during these times.

The Newable Advice team has responded to the Covid-19 pandemic by re-purposing  Advisers to focus on supporting SMEs to manage their way through these very challenging times. We have worked with DIT, Innovate UK, GLA Hub & Scope and JP Morgan Chase to ensure that our Advice team are providing their clients with the support that they urgently need. The purpose of our support is to help SMEs to survive the immediate crisis, then to stabilise the business and position it to grow as conditions and markets recover. Listed below are the various ways our Advice team can currently help.


Our Innovation team provide fully funded business and innovation support to help ambitious companies get to the next level. Newable is a delivery partner for a number of organisations such as the Enterprise Europe Network and Innovate UK, delivering programmes such as Global Business Innovation Programme and Innovate2Succeed.

In reaction to Covid-19, our Innovation team are now helping companies address financial issues, financial analysis and financial planning. If your business needs advice and support with the aforementioned, you can now book a consultation with one of our experienced Innovation advisors.

London Growth Hub

The London Growth Hub is a business support programme with an aim to support businesses who have not received any business support outside of their own networks as well as businesses from disadvantaged communities such as BAME. Newable are delivering this programme in partnership with the Greater London Authority.

The programme has changed it’s focus to  helping London businesses facing the challenges of  COVID-19. Advisors are taking hour long appointments by phone or other electronic means, to ensure businesses are getting the support they need. London based businesses will be able to access free virtual support from our team of dedicated advisers.

You can now book an appointment with a London Growth Hub Adviser to help you find the right support for your business here.

Social Impact

Business Resilience programme

Our social impact team are currently delivering a new business support and mentoring programme in partnership with the JP Morgan Chase Foundation. Focused on assisting London based small businesses navigate through the national economic crisis by helping business owners modify or sustain their business processes and delivery in this climate of socio-economic uncertainty.

If your business needs support in business transformation and accessing finance contact the team for 1-1 support here.