CamBioScience Secures c.£1.1m Investment, supported by Newable Private Investment.

CamBioScience Ltd, an emerging force in advanced training and machine learning systems, has secured c.£1.1m of funding led by an early stage investment house, Beaubridge (UK) Ltd and Newable Private Investing's Angels in the MedCity programme.

Angels in MedCity is a partnership between MedCity and Newable. The programme aims to introduce new and existing business angels to investment opportunities from healthcare and life sciences companies.

This investment will fuel the global scale-up of OBRIZUM®, a transformative learning platform that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) to maximize and quicken individual employee learning and training processes—ultimately enhancing their company’s operations and development. OBRIZUM® leverages powerful AI algorithms to continually personalise and enhance each employee’s learning experience.

It also automates data organisation and transfer and generates deep, real-time analytical reports that quantify a company’s return on learning investment for businesses.

Businesses face an unrelenting challenge when it comes to employee empowerment via learning and training. They must evolve and maximize their processes or face extinction. “OBRIZUM transforms E-Learning into AI-Learning and takes personalised learning to another level. This latest financing from Beaubridge will help us realize OBRIZUM’s full global potential and bring powerful learning and training benefits to business and individuals alike—just when they need it most,” said Chibeza C. Agley, PhD, Chief Executive Officer, CamBioScience.

In leading the round, Beaubridge (UK) Ltd. joins an investor base that includes Cambridge Capital Group, Angels in MedCity, Henley’s Business Angels, and private investors from the UK, Dubai, and Germany. CamBioScience’s leading AI specialists have built OBRIZUM® to make this transformation a reality by specifically addressing the three greatest challenges confronting digital learning.


The once painfully time-consuming content production and curation are made simple and faster than ever. OBRIZUM® automatically organises selected content into a multi-dimensional space, that can be easily and rapidly updated and modified.


The one-size-fits-all model of traditional digital learning systems which makes it impossible to address individual needs is replaced by a personalised approach to the learning experience. OBRIZUM® personalises each individual’s learning journey that maximizes results.


The unmeasurable impact of employee learning and training is a problem of the past. OBRIZUM® collects and reports rich data about each learner, helping users and managers to adjust as needed to generate greater efficiency and higher returns on their learning investments.

“Businesses and individuals need to evolve from traditional static training processes to lifelong learning. It is not an option but a requirement”, said Derk Ohler, Investment Director at Beaubridge (UK) Ltd. “We are investing in OBRIZUM because it is helping professionals and businesses meet this necessity.”

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