Backing British Business – Nebula Consulting

Backing British Business - Nebula Consulting

Nebula Consulting are London based company, founded in 2012 Nebula are experts in the business tool Salesforce. They help companies utilise technology to further enhance their business.

Through Salesforce and Pardot systems, they show companies how they can benefit from community portals and better market their business with these specialised systems.

Nebular provide their services to businesses operating in the UK or internationally, no matter the size of the company or the sector – Nebula cover numerous sectors, including finance, property, travel, telecoms, IT, charity, social care, energy and more.

Having outgrown their current space and their workspace provider, Nebula Consulting were on the hunt for somewhere new to house their team.

Katie, the Finance and HR Manager began where all good searches begin today, Google. However, out of all the enquiries Katie made, only Officio made an impression. Before enquiring with Officio, she found herself overloaded with information from brokers who weren’t very helpful at all.

Officio became part of the Newable Group in 2019 and are your straightforward, no-nonsense experts and partner for everything workspace related. The team work alongside businesses to make the process of finding the right workspace altogether easier and more straightforward.

At Officio, they take the time to pick up the phone and talk to everyone who enquires with us. Officio’s approach focuses on people. We’re helpful and straightforward and we believe the best way to find businesses their perfect workspace is to listen to their needs. And it seems our clients agree.

Impressed with the level of service that Officio gave, Kirsty Paige became Nebula’s personal Client Advisor. Her and Katie worked together to discover the type of environment that most suited their unique brand.

“I was never in doubt that I had found the right service through Officio. Kirsty was easy to work with and was able to offer advice and guidance from the information I gave her,” commented Kate.

“After the initial call, I was immediately impressed – Kirsty knew what she was talking about. She really listened to our criteria for our next office space and came back to me with some great options. She was very particular with the search.”

After viewing a variety of spaces, the team at Nebula decided to take an office with The Space UK in Aldgate.

The workspace is very contemporary with an arty feel. The bright furnishings, plentiful breakout space and ample natural light not only fashions a pleasant, innovative place to work but offers a warm welcome to visiting clients also. And Nebula love it so much so, they signed for another year.