Flexible workspace to go mainstream

Property Week announces predictions for 2019

Flexible workspace  is top of the list, set to go really big in 2019.

Citibase pioneered this business model. They provide a managed service to client building owners looking to increase the utilisation of and yield from their properties and customer business tenants looking for flexible, affordable office space free from the tie ins that comes with leases.

Property Week commented that: “Tenant demand is driving this with the desire for office space to no longer just be a static entity but to provide a range of products and services and environment on all-inclusive basis. With regard to the flexible element of their space as a service offer, property owners recognise that flexible workspace is one of the best ways to attract tenants to their buildings and ‘incubate’ them for future growth.”

Citibase’s win:win business model is already mainstream with 40 business centres up and down the country from Aberdeen to Brighton.

Property Week also suggest that M&A activity will increase and point to Newable’s acquistion of Citibase as evidence for this trend.

Space is one of the key drivers of growth for companies, along with access to finance and access to opportunity unlocked through high quality professional support. As 2019 kicks off, Newable is well placed to support businesses working at the heart of the economy thrive.