Chris Manson addresses parliamentarians about support for UK SMEs

The Industry and Parliament Trust hosted a Dinner at the House of Commons to discuss how UK SMEs might receive more purposeful support to help improve productivity.

The Industry and Parliament Trust Dinner - Chris Manson

The discussion was Chaired by Adrian Bailey MP and explored how business owners can be supported in thinking about the long-term, including issues such as management practice, automation and new technologies, considered how best practice can be shared across the SMEs to improve productivity, and examined how the Government can support SMEs in taking advantage of new opportunities once the UK leaves the EU.

Chris stated that Newable has developed a number of practical proposals which derive from genuine market need identified as a result of working closely at a firm level with 20,000 companies each year. The proposals focus on increasing access to finance, advice and opportunity which in turn address the adoption of technology, best practice and opportunities that may arise post Brexit.

Chris said, “Businesses working at the heart of the economy have proven to be amazingly resilient, particularly in the aftermath of the last financial crisis. Everyone agrees they are vital to the UK economy. We just think they deserve better. So yes, we see a number of challenges, but I hope I have also suggested that there are a number of remedies available to policy makers as well. Remedies that do not necessarily require additional tax payer investment, merely for existing funds to be spent in a more effective manner. Do this and we are certain that we will see the wheels of productivity turning faster once again.”