Getting your business in the right frame

Running a business, especially on your own, can be challenging.

Meet a mentor

Vivienne Scantlebury has worked with numerous businesses to help them start up and scale up for over 16 years at Newable. With her many years of expertise and business acumen, she is able to help businesses at various stages to flourish and grow. As a mentor, Vivienne works with businesses to identify business opportunities, developing growth strategies, Advice on how to develop a pricing structures and marketing activities.

Vivienne has also undertaken research on behalf of businesses in the areas in which they required assistance, such as identifying the right marketing channels, providing analysis and feedback on their website and pricing strategy.

However, in reality, a mentor plays a much bigger role. ‘The benefits of mentoring gives the mentee the opportunity to speak to their mentor who will give impartial advice in relation to the business. It can also offer the personal element’ Vivienne notes. ‘It is about identifying that your mentee could be nervous and cautious and motivating them.’

Mentoring helps businesses lacking in confidence, who may be unsure – especially when it comes to pitching their services and putting together a competitive pricing strategy that will help them take their business idea to the next level. It is this empathy and business expertise that makes a mentor like Vivienne invaluable to business success.

Building Multi-dimensional Confidence

Daniel Spencer, a mentee and a 3D photographer was in a similar situation; he had started to lose confidence in his business and was struggling with a mental block. He had reached a point where he had exhausted all support and was feeling frustrated at the lack of growth, and not being able to forward plan for his business. That’s where Viv stepped in.

‘I thought from the very first conversation “maybe I CAN do this”. I was given hope, I didn’t feel judged or belittled, I was made to feel like it was okay’ Dan explains.

His sessions with Viv allowed her to come in as an impartial sounding board and identify the areas where the block may have occurred and enable Dan to move forward. Vivienne was able to recognise that Dan did have a good product and that what he really needed was a better marketing plan.


I fully believe that the words Vivienne gave me put me in a better place mentally when it came to business

 How we help

At Newable, we understand that starting a businesses is hard, and that sometimes it is necessary that you have unbiased support based on real business experience. This can come in many forms, one of which is a Newable mentor, who can provide you with advice and solutions, to help your business grow.

Building business confidence is not just our strapline, but something we truly believe can change a business, like Daniel Spencer’s photography business.

We offer 12 hours of free business mentoring as part of our Newable Business Finance loans, giving our customers access to an invaluable resource, designed for them. For more information on our mentoring services please email