How to Build an Audience on Social Media

International Social Media Speaker, Trainer and Consultant, Zoe Cairns shares her top tips on how to organically build an audience on social media.

One of the most important activities of any business is its ability to reach its customers effectively.

Regardless of the nature of your business, your customers are sure to be on Social media. There are numerous Social media platforms and they are targeting a variety of people. So, if you looking to grow your business, you need to know how to reach out to them on Social media.

Building an audience on Social media is no easy task. It requires dedication and strategy. The key to growing an audience on Social media will vary on the different Social media platforms you intend to use. Whether it’s Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Youtube, they all have a different way in which we would communicate with our target audience on them.

Here are 5 tips to help you build an audience on Social media organically;

5 Steps to Building an Audience on Social Media Organically

  1. Identify Your Audience: Using these Social media platforms without a strategy can be highly inefficient. Similarly, carrying out a Social media strategy without properly identifying your audience will yield inconsistent results. Therefore, to prevent wasting time and resources, you need to be able to profile your target audience.
  • Their age group
  • The platforms they like use
  • The type of content they relate to
  • Their interests is vital to your finding them online

Also, your ability to create and identify your target audience will help you outsmart your competitors while sustaining growth.

  1. Optimise Your Social Media Profile: Your tone of voice and your Social media profile must reflect your brand’s identity. The Social media platform you are using:
  • The way your business page is set up
  • The language you use
  • Your contact information
  • How you interact with customers online must reflect your business values.

Customers should be able to visit any of Social media profiles and be able to relate it to your brand. You are then creating a consistent brand in your overall digital presence. Likewise, all information on your Social media handles must be correct and up to date.

  1. Be Human: The competition to get your audience’s attention on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and others is competitive. As a result, you need to be able to relate to your audience from a human perspective. You need to interact with your audience, show interest in what trends is appealing to them and make your content relatable.
  2. Study the Competition: It’s no secret that your competitors will also be looking to reach the same audience as you. Therefore, it’s imperative to study what the competition is doing right. Also, note what they are doing wrong so you can avoid it and improve on it. Studying the competition will allow you to gain more insight into what appeals to your target audience.
  3. Know Your Platform: All Social media platforms have unique way’s of presenting content and building awareness. For example, hashtags are a popular feature for both Twitter and Instagram but not so much for Facebook. So, for every Social media platform that you’re using to meet your customer, study the key features for your content on that platform. Choose the features that can enable you to be more visible to your target audience and that will get you seen by your audience more. In so doing, you will be able to build a loyal audience organically.

In conclusion, should you require additional information on the ways to build your audience on Social media, do not hesitate to contact us.