Innovation & Growth Services

Newable delivers various Innovation & Growth services in London, which are fully funded by Innovate UK. These services are there to help innovative businesses enhance their innovation potential.

Innovation Advisers can offer you a free package of bespoke and intensive innovation support, helping you and your business to develop and bring new products and services to market. This ranges from design and prototyping to simulation, testing and then through logistics, marketing and launch, along with support in accessing R&D grants. This support can be delivered through the Innovate2Succeed programme or the Growth Programme.

We are here to work with innovative, ambitious high-growth businesses to build increased business resilience and support them with any new ideas and planning future growth.

Our fully-funded innovation and growth support services are very much tailored to the needs of your business and can help:

  • Address short-term challenges faced by your business, both survival and rapid growth
  • Ensure medium-term stability of the business and build resilience and plan for growth
  • Get the business back on track to realise its longer-term growth ambitions

How our team of innovation advisers can help businesses grow:

We are available to support your business in areas such as managing cash-flow, funding and finance, staff retention, removing costs from the business, building resilience, R&D and innovation capacity, reviewing and revising business models, planning for growth, developing supply chains, building your customer base and accessing new markets.

We will also act as a sounding board and critical friend, helping develop plans, implement actions and make connections that will bring you focus on the future and help your business grow.

Get in contact to find out how our Innovation team can help your business.