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Founded in 1992, and based in Bath, Dancerace offers a best-in-class receivables finance software operating system, along with training, consultancy and support services to help customers get the most value from their software.

BBB Dancerace

Focused on the mid-size/independent receivables sector, the company serves a third of the total receivables market in the UK and Australasia, plus a significant proportion of the European and African market.

A smooth transition

Newable Capital provides investment to help profitable, well-established UK SMEs through the succession journey.

The Newable team were impressed by Elliot and his team and saw the significant future potential in the acceleration and delivery of the current product roadmap and business strategy.

Dancerace’s target market of mid-size/independent financiers and the customers they serve which aligns with Newable’s focus on helping UK SMEs thrive.

Peter Barrand, Managing Director at Newable Capital, commented. “We look forward to working with Dancerace and supporting them through their next phase of growth.”

Newable Capital invested alongside the current management team and supporting the acceleration in the recruitment of product delivery and customer support staff, in order to realise the current product roadmap and deliver enhanced value and functionality to all customers.

We’re excited to work with Newable to write our next chapter as a company, and are happy to have found another team that shares our love of bold thinking and supporting other businesses to grow.

Elliot Avison, CEO – Dancerace

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