Lockdown Marketing Hints & Tips

The UK has been in lockdown for over 5 weeks now and unfortunately the end is not quite yet in sight. For a lot of businesses this means more time in survival mode which is not ideal.

Lockdown Marketing Tips

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We know and understand how difficult this period is for SMEs but also encourage using this time and utilising it to your advantage.  Here are some tips on how your business can do so.

Tell your story

With the exception of vital key workers, most businesses have been forced to work remotely in one way or another. Using an increasing number of innovative ways to engage with customers.

According to recent research conducted by Virgin Media, daytime internet usage has more than doubled, as people find different ways to keep busy, informed and entertained throughout the day.

The important thing to remember is that we are all in this together. Sharing content on how you are coping with day to day activities, lockdown survival tips, challenges and success stories, demonstrates the human side to your business and will really resonate with your customer base, perhaps now more than ever.

Manage Your Time Effectively

One of the most common characteristics among business owners is lack of time. Getting caught up in day to day activities often leaves little time for strategic planning and marketing. A problem that is relatively easy to resolve.

Try to avoid working on key tasks in an ad hoc way. Take a look at your diary exactly one month on from today. If you do not have anything scheduled, pencil in some time to plan marketing activities.

While you may have to make a few adjustments along the way, more often than not you’ll be able to fit other things that come up around things that you have planned for well in advance.

Utilise Video Calling Apps

By now most of us are aware of video calling apps such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

These tools are not only great for staying in touch with employees, but also for hosting interactive webinars, training events, how to guides, and hosting events that might otherwise not take place due to social distancing.

Enabling you to contact with and speak directly with your target audience in real time, demonstrating that you have brought your business into the 21st Century.

Keep in touch

Effective relationship management can make or break your business. Too much information and people will get bored with being bombarded with emails, too little and you risk being forgotten and replaced by your competitors. Finding the right balance is essential.
Revisit your CRM database and keep your past and present customers up to date with your activities.

Stay current

Consumer attitudes change with the introduction of new technology and newer ways of doing business.

Make sure you are keeping abreast of any changes that are taking place within your industry. Take advantage of industry publications and research.

Get to grips with social media metrics, website analytics and other customer insights.

Understanding key trends in customer buying patterns and preferences will go some way in helping to ensure you are reaching out to your customers with messages that appeal.

Get Involved

At a time when we all need to pull together, your community needs you. Find safe and creative ways to get involved with local community initiatives designed to assist the most vulnerable.

While this may not directly result in profits it will go some way in showing that you care about good causes and are willing to lend a helping hand. Captain Tom Moore managed to raise over £29,000,000 for charity at the age of 99, while you may not be able to raise such a cast amount, it’s fair to say in these challenging and unprecedented times, every little helps.