Make 2017 the year of exporting. – By Roy Fowler

Everyone knows of JANUS, the two headed Roman god who looks to the future and past. He was the god of beginnings, transitions, passages, and endings and who we conventionally think of that the month of January is named for.

Newable delivers exporting advice on behalf of the Department of Trade and Industry.

What is lesser known being a god of transitions, and in his association with Portunus, a similar harbour and gateway god, he was concerned with travelling, trading and shipping.

In our modern 21st century world, January, for many businesses and business people is a time to review the third quarter and look ahead to the final quarter of the financial year. A time where plans will be laid for the coming year, for many, based on how the last years trading went.

But what happens if trading was below expectations, profits dropping or you feel your business simply feels like its “ticking over”? It can be difficult to find advice, guidance or support that understands your passion and goals and wants to assist you is securing them.

We believe in positive action in support of your ambitions.

With a deep seam of hands on international trade experience that you can tap into, people who have managed their own and other people’s businesses. A team that provides accurate, precise and structured information relevant to your business needs.

Working with a recent client, it was clear that their product was not only unique but had a growing market place with little competition and was a British design. The problem was that they had no real idea of the potential of their product. The UK would give them some good base line sales, but personal and business security would only come with structured expansion and international growth.

We took time to review last year and their plans for 2017 and working in collaboration we could see there were trading pathways that if followed, would see them realise the true potential of their business.

January has been and gone but the opportunity has not. Our team is here. How can we work together to make this YOUR year?

Of course you could always offer a prayer to Janus?

Roy is an Overseas Business Network Trade Adviser and can be reached at