Newable: Making an Impact

Newable has set out an ambitious growth agenda to triple the size of the business over the course of the next five years.

However, our measure of success is not simply financial, but the number of companies working at the heart of the economy we support and the quality and impact of the support we provide. In this way we do our bit to support inclusive economic growth.

This “balanced scorecard” approach has been part of Newable’s DNA and purpose since the company was founded back in the early 1980’s.

Our financial year closes at the end of March. Our annual report is published around October time following the audit process prior, to the AGM. Given the statutory nature of that document, it is primarily a financial statement. The Board therefore decided to develop a balancing report to be published, annually, at the beginning of each new fiscal to reflect the social contribution made by Newable’s day to day activities. We called this Making an Impact.

We have just published our second report and it showcases some of the great work being delivered by Newable’s staff from across the spectrum of the business.  This is necessarily a snapshot rather than a comprehensive overview of our work, but we hope it offers a flavour of Newable’s mission and purpose in action.

Making an Impact 2019