Newable ranks low on ESG Risk Rating

In December 2021, Sustainalytics awarded Newable Group an overall environmental, social and governance (ESG) Risk Rating of Low (14.6).

Sustainalytics are an independent rating organisation, who provide high-quality, analytical ESG research, ratings and data to institutional investors and companies.

Categorised across five risk levels, Sustainalytics ESG Risk Ratings are:

Why is this important?

Following on from the release of Newable’s environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategy last year, Newable has been working to achieve and deliver on their ESG commitments.

The review from Sustainalytics provides clear insights into the ESG risks of Newable Group, helping the business to identify and understand financially material ESG issues that can affect the organisation’s long-term performance. Chloe Kuder, Newable’s ESG and Sustainability Manager, comments;

By going through the ESG rating process with Sustainalytics, we wanted to understand where we stand. Our 14.6 score means that we are at low risk of experiencing material financial impacts from ESG factors. This result is very encouraging and is a sign that we are heading in the right direction. But this does not mean that our job is done and taking this result as a basis for action.

How we rank against other companies you may know:

What Newable have achieved so far

Newable has been busy implementing many changes and new practices in line with their ESG commitments over the past year. Here is a quick overview of the progress in each area:

Environmental progress

  • Environmental Management System rolled out across all offices
  • Launched Environmental Volunteering Days for Newable staff to use
  • Plant a Tree with Newable initiative launched, where a tree is planted on behalf of Newable staff who adopt sustainable living practices at home!

Social progress

  • Gender and Ethnic Pay Gap Reporting developed to enhance transparency
  • Fuelling Ambition Inside relaunched to support our employee development and career progression
  • Supporting Mental Health charities across the Newable Group, for example, Synergy supporting ‘Just Ask a Question’ scheme – which aims to assist with public information on mental health by providing vehicles to allow leading mental health professionals to reach the public.

Governance progress

  • Supplier Code of Conduct rolled out across all suppliers to ensure we work with companies with the same standards as us
  • SASB selected for ESG reporting standards
  • Policy Portal launched to improve transparency

What’s next for Newable?

Newable are ready to continue working towards our ESG objective in 2022 and beyond. Our latest report not only includes more details on what we have achieved in the past year, but also what we have set out to achieve in the next six months.

Click here to download the full update on Newable’s ESG activities.