Newable’s Chair publishes blog for the Small Business Commissioner

Guy Nicholson, Chair of Newable, has written an article in support of the UK's smaller businesses.

The office of the Small Business Commissioner (SBC) was launched in December 2017 to ensure fair payment practices for Britain’s 5.7 million small businesses, and support them in resolving thier payment disputes with larger businesses and bring about culture change.

The invitation for Guy Nicholson to contribute a blog article came during a meeting held between Paul Uppal, the Commissioner, and Newable that took place during the summer.

Newable is supportive of the Commissioner’s work as many of our small business community find themselves hamstrung by not being able to access cash that is rightfully theirs. However, we believe that late payment is often the symptom of  deeper causes which need to be addressed.

Guy’s article outlines them in the blog and identifes the prize – increased productivty in the UK economy.

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Guy’s blog