NewFlex launches new ‘Hybrid Office’ model

Newable's workspace branch, NewFlex has just launched a new 'hybrid office' model, giving occupiers greater flexibility whilst promoting team collaboration and innovation.

Hybrid Office

The ‘Hybrid Office’ will allow businesses to maintain their own managed smaller head office for team collaboration, in addition to regional and suburban micro-hubs, all on a needs-basis, which will help accommodate a blend of working from home and more conventional office work.

As an experienced flexible office operator for more than 25 years, NewFlex will manage the smaller central location – convert it into a Covid-19 secure workplace and reconfigure it for optimum use, whether for collaboration, full team meetings or solo-working.

Smaller central workspaces will help companies maintain collaboration and innovation, which will likely be lost over time with the drive to work from home more regularly. In addition to nurturing creatively, companies will reduce costs by reducing the square footage centrally whilst giving employees flexibility to use the resource as much or as little as they like.

As part of the ‘Hybrid Office’ offering, NewFlex will work with companies to analyse employee postcodes and commuting routes in order to open micro-hubs, closer to employees’ homes.

Once locations have been decided, NewFlex will take the legwork out of finding the right space at the right price, the design and fit out and will manage the micro-hub on behalf of companies.

Demand for out-of-town office locations has risen as a direct result of Covid-19 as employees aim to reduce risk by avoiding long, crowded commutes and as more companies look towards a decentralised office portfolio.

Hybrid Office joins a string of initiatives from NewFlex, which gives flexibility and varying options to cut costs, reduce risks and future proofs assets.

Steve Jude, CEO of NewFlex comments: “The ‘Hybrid Office’ model allows for office occupiers to repurpose their space to ensure it fits with the new hybrid working model. Whilst working from home saves costs, this approach, full time may hamper creativity and innovation which may have a longer term impact on companies. This new model allows for companies to keep the magic of collaboration whilst enabling employees to work at or near to their home and reducing costs.”

NewFlex delivers and manages a range of branded workspace solutions for every type of building, in every type of location, for every type of occupier.