One month in

On the 24th April, Newable brought its 3 London offices together into a brand new Headquarters.

140 Aldersgate Street

The reception area of Newable's new office

Newable’s new Headquarters is a 10,000 square foot office located at Barbican in the City of London. Newable decided to move for a number of reasons. The first was to upgrade the quality of workspace provided to its staff. (The staff survey flagged this need loud and clear.) The second was to move to a building with sufficient space to support Newable’s ambitious growth agenda. The third was to curate space that reflected and supported the values underpinning the business and to help to propagate a change to a different way of working. 140 Aldersgate is the result. Newable’s reception – shown in the photo – features a customer gallery showcasing stories from some of the companies that have been supported by the products and services that Newable offers.

New office: new way of working.

A picture of Newable's new office

Newable’s strategy is all about doing more with its constituent businesses and more between the constituent businesses. The space is based on a “hotel-ing” concept, where staff “check in” to desk space. Already the silos that may have remained have been dissolved, new alliances forged, and new ideas and friendships created. There is a buzz about and around the company. Prior to moving in, Newable commissioned a study into how people use different types of working environments to complete different types of work. From ‘heads down’ working, general run of business collaborations, the two-minute catch up, proposal or report writing, to water cooler conversations, to formal presentations, to ‘town hall’ company get-togethers. In some senses this is just like a house which has different rooms that perform different functions. So the layout and design was carefully developed with just this concept in mind and to enable the different “modes” of work

Investment in people

A mural of some members of the Newable team

Newable has also taken the view that investing in people, also means investing in technology. Technology as an enabler, helping people achieve goals at work. Newable therefore made a significant investment both in cloud and client technology. What has been rolled out so far is really only the beginning as Newable sees technology as a huge opportunity to support a more agile business. The transformation of the way the company works has been significant. Already though, it feels like the natural and better way to work. Proof positive that people adapt really quickly to change, even if some initially at least worry about it.

Pop in for a coffee

Brewable: Newable's in house coffee shop

So, a month on from the move date and the new office already feels like home. Everyone has embraced change with a positivity that is creating a new dynamic energy within the company. There might, of course, be another reason for this. The new office boasts an in house coffee shop – Brewable. And the resident barista, Dorcas, just happens to make the best flat white in town. So if you happen to be passing, drop in for a coffee and let’s talk business.