Pioneering the way in creating brighter futures with responsible finance

On the face of it, the biggest challenges a small business has to face is trying to grow with limited time, resources and of course, finance. In times of old, there were numerous cries for traditional lenders to support small businesses.

Responsible Finance

Cries which to some extent seemingly went unheard.

However, the funding and finance landscape has changed somewhat in recent years. Digital technology means that we now have access to many sources of finance that simply did not exist as little as 10 years ago.

Growing older and wiser

Growing older and wiser may be an old adage that many younger entrepreneurs may wholeheartedly disagree with. Nonetheless it’s impossible to experience the trials of running your own business without becoming a little wiser each day.

Newable has been at the heart of the UK economy supporting small businesses at grassroots level since 1982. Our very inception was based upon the growing need to offer small businesses the money, advice and space they need to grow.

Our support goes far beyond offering finance. We know first hand how isolating it can be for small businesses owners from day to day. Making serious business decisions whilst trying to juggle the many hats that come with being your own boss.

Access to relevant but yet impartial advice and support mechanisms designed solely to promote sustainability and growth are essential. We are not an ordinary lender. We pride ourselves on being Responsible Finance Providers. Talking, listening and rightly responding to the needs of the 20,000 businesses we serve year on year.

It’s not over until its over

Throughout our 37 year history we have always valued feedback from our clients. Utilising this to spearhead our continual delivery of excellent business support services and secured/unsecured responsible finance options for businesses of varying shapes and sizes.

This year we are especially proud to announce that we have been shortlisted for the Unsecured Lender of the Year Award! A prestigious accolade that further endorses the commitment we have made to supporting small businesses at the heart of the UK economy.