Advizzo has developed a software which monitors and analyses the utility consumption patterns of consumers and provides tips and insights on how to reduce it.

Advizzo software platform enables end customers towards more efficient water and energy usage while at the same time helping utilities to become more efficient in their own processes and comply with their local regulation.

The core Advizzo platform combines Machine Learning and Behavioural Sciences to have a positive impact on the end consumers and utilities. In recent years water supply has become an increasing concern globally. The current interface between customers and utility providers is decadent, with the lack of digitisation offering little clarity on customer use patterns, centralised leak detection and avenues for efficiency improvements.

Advizzo provides increased digitisation by incorporating machine learning and behavioural science to: 1) help customers spend less on water and energy bills by offering personalised usage suggestions and delivering usage reports. 2) Allow utilities to take advantage of the quantum of data generated through their supply chain by providing predictive and usage analytics to track usage patterns and forecast future demand and identify potential leakage occurrences. 3) Improve operational efficiency by offering a cloud-based solution and improve communication avenues to reduce call volumes to call centres.