Smarter QA delivers widespread business benefits

A breakfast briefing hosted by Newable Consulting introducing their Smarter Quality Assurance concept. Newable Consulting hosted the first of a series of breakfast briefings at the Capital Club, London on the 18th January.

A diverse group of companies attended which ensured a healthy debate and the opportunity to share both challenges and successes. Jon Ward, Managing Director of Newable Consulting, presented a comprehensive overview of the Smarter QA approach which has delivered dramatic results for clients: fewer defects in production, fewer defects found in User Acceptance Testing, combined with a shorter time for testing and requirements gathering. The presentation sparked a lively debate on the concept of ‘shifting left’ and the potential benefits at the different stages of a project. There was a Q & A session as well as a chance to network with the other attendees.

Jon Ward is an experienced business consultant and change management professional with over 20 years spent delivering successful Lean Agile Change Programmes and managing CRM, AML, Solvency II and Operational Risk initiatives.

Please contact Jon Ward if you would like to find out more about Smarter QA and how it can help your business.
020 7940 1580