Supporting A New Economy

The UK economy is at a crossroads. New technology, new international relationships, new markets and new politics are all contributing to uncertainty for UK businesses. BDO's intervention is therefore most timely.

One of their key policy recommendations is to address the UK’s productivity gap. This aligns well with Newable’s work in this space.

Newable’s CEO Chris Manson is quoted in the report.

“Productivity has been identified as the single most important challenge facing the UKeconomy. It is a challenge that is most acute for the so-called ‘long tail’ of companies, the vast majority being SMEs. We suggest that UK SMEs have the will to become more productive but lack the way. Their lack of productivity is the direct result of more fundamental causes, a lack of access to the tools of productivity. Specifically, we see a lack of access to finance for investment, a lack of access to opportunity in terms of supply chains that promote innovation, and a lack of access to the right kind of capability-building advice, delivered by the right people in the right way. Fix these access issues and the gears delivering enhanced productivity for the UK economy will start turning again.”