The UK’s number one angel network

Beauhurst - the Bloomberg of early stage investment - has just published the league table of the most active angel networks. Newable Private Investing is out on top.

Beauhurst’s research is based on equity finance deals since 2011, where the investors have been publically announced in the press, or where they’ve privately disclosed their activity to Beauhurst.

Newable Private Investing comes out ahead of other networks such as 24Haymarket, Archangels and Cambridge Angels.

The secret to NPI’s success is an unrivalled deal flow of exciting, potentially high growth companies shaping the fourth industrial revolution in such sectors as MedTech, AI, and Space technology. With a network comprising over 500 angel investors and underpinned by a significant fund, NPI is able to get deals done.

Early stage investment still carries with it significant risk but plays a vital part in funding the next generation of world leading UK businesses.

Note: Your capital is at risk if you invest in early stage companies. These investments may not be covered by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme.