The value of values

We do hope that you love, or at least come to love, our new branding as much as we do. However, we are also nurturing something that is even more valuable, something that has, even more, equity than the brand.

That’s the culture and the values which underpin Newable.

Unleashing potential.

Newable has a very distinctive business model that matches the necessity of profit generation with the obligation to deliver a social return. In turn this is reflected in our core purpose of ‘unleashing the extraordinary potential of business people’. A purpose that speaks equally to clients and employees alike.

Newable also has a history dating back over thirty years. The rebranding project provided the perfect opportunity for us to reflect on our heritage. To capture what had got us this far and to debate what was crucial to us as we move forward. To identify what was really strong and differentiating about us and also to articulate areas where we lacked consistency or could develop.w that we’re intent on celebrating and living by them fully.

More than the sum of the parts.

Pretty much everyone across the business has been engaged in this process. The richness of the response has been both fascinating and exciting. Not only are we blessed with a diverse employee group, but we’re also blessed by the diversity of our lines of business. What became clear is that we are all united by a sense of reward gained from being important to and valued by our customers who feel we make a genuine difference. The result, I think, is really rather powerful and actually very special: the sum being more than the individual parts.

Five key values.

We were able to guide the development of the new branding by being very clear about the five core values that defined us. These values are also expressed ‘in our own words’; that is to say reflective of phrases and sentiments that are already in use across our business. They are Dream Big, Get Going, Grow Together, Always Improve, Pass it On. Just as the new brand is being rolled out, so are these values. Except they are not really that new. They’ve always been part of our DNA. Even if it is only now that we’re intent on celebrating and living by them fully.

So we have a wonderful new brand and it is supported by a set of values to which the business is committed. It is the combination of the two that makes this the most exciting journey in our history.