Cardmedic thanked by Prime Minister

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Cardmedic is a free digital communication tool to improve transfer of vital information through the PPE barrier to unwell and critically ill patients in the COVID-19 pandemic.

A client of Newable, Cardmedic has been receiving recognition for the amazing work it has achieved.

A thank you from Boris Johnson

Dr Rachael Grimaldi ‘s flashcards, already available in 10 languages and ‘read aloud’ mode for blind patients, are now used in over 50 countries.

In a personal letter to Rachael, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said:

“On behalf of the whole country, I want to thank you for the wonderful contribution you have made to our NHS and to assisting health workers caring for those with Coronavirus right across the world.

“This pernicious disease had left many patients unable to hear the words of doctors and nurses who are compelled to speak through masks and visors. But your digital flashcards have harnessed the power of technology to restore that vital communication. Because of you, patients can once again hear critical information on their condition and benefit from those precious words of empathy and compassion which provide such care and comfort in the most difficult moments.

“I am lost in admiration to hear that your innovation has already been adopted in fifty different countries and is being translated into thirty different languages, including a “read aloud” mode for blind patients. It will surely continue to assist healthcare around the world long after we have defeated this pandemic.”

Rachael said:

“I am absolutely delighted to have received this award, it is an honour to be recognised in this way. This has truly been a team effort bringing the concept to fruition and I am very grateful to friends, family, colleagues, businesses, services and organisations for donating their time, expertise and support. The dedication and commitment of all to improving patient safety and care has been tremendous.

How we helped

Estelle Dingley, the International Trade Advisor that helped Cardmedic UK grow their business by providing free, bespoke export support and advice, in-market introductions explains how she met Dr Rachael Grimaldi a doctor on maternity leave who created Cardmedic.

“The lead came 4 weeks ago via one of my clients (Dr Grimaldi is his wife). She was looking for funding which I didn’t have. But I thought that, surely I could do more than that, and it snowballed from there.

I managed to get her involved with many of my contacts with a view to help develop her website, app, branding and IP protection (UK and US), introduced her to BUPA and a LinkedIn expert, sign language contact etc. and reported on our Covid-19 spreadsheet as a positive story. It got picked up from there. I then worked closely with other departments to help bring her to light.

I am still working closely with her looking for grants and funding (I managed to get Innovate UK to reconsider looking at her application after failing to meet the selection criteria). She is also now engaged with the University of Brighton to put a plan together to start generating revenue post Covid-19 as there could be so many applications for her tool.”

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