From concept to product

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Founded by Gregor Hoefter in 2015, GridDuck allows businesses and individuals to be paid by the National Grid for lowering their energy consumption at times of peak demand through a series of wireless devices in the home. This means that users can save money (up to £1K a year per outlet for businesses and £100 a year for consumers), lower their carbon print, and enables an energy system where a greater percentage of power comes from renewable sources.

Newable worked with GridDuck to go from concept to distribution in less than two years tapping into our portfolio of expertise. Newable helped Gregor and his team to apply for grant funding worth more than £100K. Newable undertook intellectual property audit to assess potential risks and protect Gregor’s key asset. Finally, Newable helped establish an international network of business partners to launch the product in markets outside of the UK, including Spain, Greece, India, South Korea and Thailand.

Getting GridDuck on the grid

Gregor said, “When we met Newable in 2015 we were a small tech start-up with a concept trying to create our product and build relationships at the same time. Newable has helped us to raise much-needed funding and to find business partners in other countries. This support has been invaluable and means we’re in a really strong position to take our product to market in the UK over the next few months followed by European and Asian markets where our product doesn’t currently exist and where there’s a real need for it. We’re really excited about what the future holds for us as we roll out GridDuck, and continue to work with Newable to bring new products to market.” Newable will contine to support GridDuck across their entrepreneurial journey.