Fuelling Ambition 2018

Entrepreneurs face many challenges in business life. These challenges are even greater for female entrepreneurs. With various barriers including access to finance and reliable business advice networks.

To help tackle these barriers, Newable is currently delivering support to female innovators as part of the Infocus initiative by Innovate UK. In 2018 we will be running a number of workshops and events to really help provide opportunities and support.

New year, new programme?

The Fuelling Ambition programme was designed to make a dent in these issues and help female entrepreneurs realise the commercial potential of their businesses. We had our first Fuelling Ambition Conference, held at the Institute of Engineering and Technology, in London working with our partners at Innovate UK, Tech UK and EEN .We plan to further our reach this year and offer further help and advice in the form of workshops and events. We are excited to launch the comprehensive programme supporting women entrepreneurs on their journey from inspiration to investment.

The programme

We will be offering tailored 1-2-1 support with our mentoring services, our experienced mentors will help you grow your business. We will also have our Innovation Advisors providing fully funded support that helps entrepreneurs take their business to the next level. Newable is one of the Department of International Trade’s leading Delivery Partners. As part of our export services we can help with identifying and researching the right markets and identify the right route to market, our International Trade Advisers provide in-depth support to businesses. We will also be helping businesses source partners overseas, Newable is part of the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) and can therefore help ambitious businesses innovate and grow on an international scale. We do this by using the Networks reach and resources to source partners that are suitable for your business, allowing you to reach markets not only in Europe but also beyond.

Workshops and events

As part of the 2018 programme, Newable will also be running workshops, targeting the various obstacles women are confronted by to help break the barriers. There are four workshops, which you can apply for here: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/o/newable

The Fuelling Ambition Conference is happening again this year, bringing together over 300 female like-minded entrepreneurs and business owners to engage, network and learn from other successful women in business. It is to occur on the 10th of May, to register please email at fuellingambition@newable.co.uk