Fuelling Ambition
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Fuelling ambition
Female entrepreneurs accelerate growth as Newable’s ‘Fuelling Ambition Conference’ announced
Entrepreneurs are invited to take part in this year’s ‘Fuelling Ambition Conference’ organised by Newable, the leading provider of money, advice and space to SMEs.
Fuelling Ambition – Breaking barriers
Newable re-launches the Fuelling Ambition programme with six-part workshop series designed to support female entrepreneurs at every stage from inspiration to investment.
Calling out to all ambitious female entrepreneurs – Women in Innovation Awards 2020/21
Do you have a ground breaking innovative idea to launch a new product or service that can impact on pressing societal, environmental and/or economic challenges?
The inspiration behind Fuelling Ambition
Ciara Fitzgerald is the Programme Lead for Diversity and Inclusion, and the lead on the Newable Fuelling Ambition programme. Ciara talks about what inspired the programme and how it came to be!
Newable Ventures
Breaking barriers to help more female entrepreneurs access much needed investment
Jenny Tooth, OBE and and UKBAA CEO, on the lack of investment to female-led businesses and how we tackle this problem.
Removing roadblocks to clear the path for female entrepreneurs and future female leaders
We interviewed Rachel as part of our Fuelling Ambition programme on the importance and impact of empowering women within the UK economy.
Fuelling Ambition 2018
Entrepreneurs face many challenges in business life. These challenges are even greater for female entrepreneurs. With various barriers including access to finance and reliable business advice networks.
Meet Ciara Fitzgerald, Programme Lead for Fuelling Ambition
Meet Ciara Fitzgerald, an Innovation Advisor at Newable and Lead for Diversity &; Inclusion. Ciara leads our Fuelling Ambition programme, supporting female entrepreneurs at every stage from inspiration to investment.
Fuelling ambition in Med Tech with Dr Lorin Gresser.
As part of our Fuelling Ambition initiative this week, we caught up with Dr Lorin Gresser, a woman of extraordinary talents.
Supporting female entrepreneurship with Innovate UK
As part of our Fuelling Ambition initiative, this week we caught up with Lucy Gower, founder and director of Lucidity.