The inspiration behind Fuelling Ambition

Ciara Fitzgerald is the Programme Lead for Diversity and Inclusion, and the lead on the Newable Fuelling Ambition programme. Ciara talks about what inspired the programme and how it came to be!

What initiated Fuelling Ambition?

Ensuring that business women realise their full business potential is critical to the UK economy and something that I have a strong interest and passion for. In 2016, after a year working with Newable and having gained a good understanding of the London innovation landscape, I felt that women still faced many obstacles on the road to business success.

 As Programme Lead for Diversity and Inclusion, I understand the needs of female entrepreneurs in London and beyond,  and the challenges they faced in their businesses and also the general state of play for women in innovation in the UK. This inspired me to use my own experience of working with SMEs and drive my passion. We discussed the initial programme internally, and decided as an organisation, to develop and launch our comprehensive Fuelling Ambition programme. So far, we have been overwhelmed by the support of the programme, and we’ve only just launched. It’s very exciting!

What does the programme aim to do?

With a city as dynamic as London, the objective of our Fuelling Ambition programme is to encourage and support female entrepreneurs across all sectors to maximise their full potential. Role models, self-confidence, technical expertise, risk taking and access to finance, support and networking opportunities continue to be the main challenges facing female entrepreneurs. Removing these barriers is key in realising their entrepreneurial dreams.

Our aim is for business women to join our Fuelling Ambition programme to network and learn from one another and from a broad range of experts delivering our workshops, events and conferences tailored to inspire, advise and encourage them on their entrepreneurial journey.

Newable as a platform

Newable has worked with businesses and business people operating at the heart of the economy for over 35 years. Newable are passionate about the Fuelling Ambition programme and the potential of female entrepreneurs and female led businesses to benefit everyone in the country through the positive economic impact they generate. Newable is also particularly well positioned to deliver much needed practical support. Their aim is to become a leading part of the drive for economic empowerment that will benefit all.

The 2018 programme

We are delighted to have launched our comprehensive 2018 Fuelling Ambition programme in January which includes workshops, our upcoming conference and investment pitching event. At Newable, we are committed to improving the competitiveness of female-led SMEs and helping you address the barriers you may face in implementing best innovation and management practices in your business.

We have all been inspired at one point in our lives by someone whose passion and dedication makes us want to fight for what we believe in and achieve our goals. Therefore I am confident our Fuelling Ambition conference in May will inspire you to take away ideas in order to take your career or your business to the next level. Our powerful line up of speakers taking you on a journey from inspiration to investment, along with our inclusive pricing enables all entrepreneurs to capitalise on the opportunity being offered and to gain valuable insights for their own business. This is a conference not to be missed and I am very excited to be part of it!

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