National Mentoring Day

Newable mentors Carolene Thompson and Vivienne were invited to the House of Commons for a private event hosted by the CEO of National Mentoring Day, Chelsey Baker.

The day

Members of Parliament, Lords and distinguished guests gathered to show their support for mentoring. The event took place to celebrate National Mentoring Day which takes place on 27th October each year.

Mentors had the opportunity to discuss the importance and impact of mentoring with MPs and business leaders.  Carolene Thompson said “ it really gave us an opportunity to give a grass roots perspective, mentoring is a word shrouded in mystery and being able to explain how it works and helps businesses really helped move the conversation forward.”

The campaign

The campaign to make mentoring accessible to everyone of all ages, ethnicities and backgrounds has received widespread support from leading brands, corporate organisations, celebrities and governments. Here in the UK the campaign has not only reached the House of Lords it has also attracted worldwide audiences.

As a result of National Mentoring Day, hundreds of mentoring initiatives have been launched across the country and internationally. The campaign has received hundreds of pages of national press coverage with companies and organisations large and small now celebrating the national day by launching new mentoring initiatives or publicising their own mentoring programmes to drive awareness to recruit new mentors and thank their existing mentors.

The event also served to launch the National Mentoring Awards, which occurs annually celebrating mentors across the country and recognising their hard work. Taking place on 1st March 2019, the awards will give public recognition for ‘mentoring excellence’ to individuals and organisations. Both Carolene and Viv have been nominated by clients in various categories and we look forward to hearing good news.

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