Newable launches new video series to support overseas trade

Newable has launched brand new video series to support trade overseas and companies with international ambitions.

The case for Exporting

Overseas trade represents an amazing opportunity for businesses. Exporting is linked to supercharged growth, superior profitability, and enhanced productivity.

UK companies that export tend to enjoy better brand and corporate reputations than those that do not. They are seen as more desirable places to work giving them an advantage when recruiting talent. Exporting is also a great way of mitigating risk: it’s rare that all markets suffer a downturn simultaneously. Exporting can also be the best form of defence. Your competitors are likely to include overseas companies. The fact that you are not active in their market does not prevent them from being active in yours.

“Exporting is a contact sport”

Mark Hamson, Newable Trade Adviser

However, many view trading internationally as a difficult prospect, and, sadly, in some cases, too difficult. This is not just because of the uncertainties that come with Brexit.  Mark Hansom, Trade adviser at Newable, describes exporting as a “contact sport”. Mark’s advice is to “enjoy it”! Yes, it requires commitment and determination, but it does not have to be a voyage into the unknown.

Help is at hand

Of course, the best way to learn is through the experience, the highs, the lows and yes, the occasional mistakes of others who have been in your shoes.

Which is why we have created our Life Lesson videos, full of tips and know-how from clients we have helped along the road to export success.

Each video focuses on a particular insight and delivers practical guidance gleaned from real life. The videos will be launched as a weekly series and will be supported by additional resources. All designed to inspire and help your own exporting journey.

Who will benefit from the videos?

We hope these videos and the accompanying resources will be serve as an inspiration to those who wish to kick start their exporting, to those who want to accelerate their activity, and to those who wish to scale up overseas sales significantly.

We also hope that policy makers and opinion formers will gain much from hearing from those who have been there, done that and sold the t-shirt.

Newable and overseas trade

Newable has been working with businesses at the heart of the UK economy for over 30 years. Supporting people as they start, scale and internationalise their companies.

We provide lending, investment, advice and property.

Newable is one of the Department for International Trade’s leading Delivery Partners. Last year we supported 9,400 companies in London and the South East and helped generate £2bn in incremental export sales.

If you have international ambitions, we have the experience, expertise and energy to help you make them happen.